Coach & consultant to close the gender gap in Tech

During a coaching session, I put my skills at the service of the person that I am accompanying so that I can offer a safe and trustful space that is open and without judgement. I provide a considerate environment of active listening centred on the coachee.

I rely on the fundamentals of coaching to guide people to:

  • Clarify their needs and objectives
  • Gain awareness of their values, beliefs, capacities, ressources, strengths and needs
  • Develop critical thinking on blockers or potential hindrance
  • Put in place an action plan to reach the set objectives

I apply some techniques from positive psychology, non violent communication and neuro-linguistic programming as well as some exercises to do at home between sessions. I sometimes like to use mindfulness meditation, especially for emotion and stress management.

I also occasionally propose, when explicitly asked, some advice or mentoring.

This approach is right for you when…

The only woman syndrom

You work in a mostly male environment? You collect screenshots of your meetings where you are (once more) the only woman? You feel as if you don’t belong? You don’t have (many) female role models in the leadership team that could inspire you?

I accompany you to:

  • Assert yourself and develop non violent communication
  • Get heard and listened to even after being interrupted
  • Assure you of the value you bring and that you do belong
  • Navigate a mostly male environment with confidence and authenticity
  • Gain awareness of potential sexist behaviours
  • Gain awareness of your own biases in order to get clarity between perception and reality of sexists behaviours
  • Help you react if or when you are victim of sexist behaviours
  • Develop and nurture an alliance network of ressource people around you


You rarely see a woman in a leadership role? You came unconventionally to the Tech field and sometimes question the value you bring? You come back from a parental leave and have concerns that your knowledge is no longer up to date?

The coaching I propose can help you to:

  • Boost the confidence you have in your skills
  • Recognize your value
  • Speak up and communicate your ideas with confidence
  • Fight imposter syndrome
  • Question some limiting beliefs you might have
  • React in a constructive manner to critique and feedback, with consideration towards yourself and towards others
  • Gain awareness of what is outside your control, particularly sexist behaviours

Career development

You would like to change positions, you are in a professional transition or you would like to go back to work after a long break (maternity / parental leave, sick leave, sabbatical)? Is the interview process making you feel uneasy? Do you want to negotiate a raise or a promotion?

I support you to:

  • Prepare interviews
  • Do dry-run interviews for technical roles such as data scientist, data analyst and data science manager
  • Do dry-run interviews for leadership roles
  • Negotiate a salary increase
  • Negotiate a promotion (and get it)
  • Co-create professional growth plans
  • Elaborate communication and alliances strategies in order to boost your career


You are taking a new leadership role for the first time (manager, director)? You want to improve your management style? You wish to increase the visibility of your work in the company?

I assist you to:

  • Become aware of the key skills of a great leader
  • Understand which management style is made for you
  • Increase your influence within the company
  • Strengthen your leadership position
  • Promote your work and your teams’ work
  • Strategically position yourself to reach your goals

Diversity and inclusion

You advocate for equal chances? You would like to contribute to it personally and individually? You belong to the most represented people in the company and wish to become an ally in your workplace?

We can exchange together in order to:

  • (re)evaluate why diversity and inclusion are paramount
  • Investigate researches and studies to expand your subject’s knowledge
  • Form a ressources toolbox to use and broadcast depending on the context and the usecases
  • Become aware of subconscious biases and of harmful stereotypes
  • Understand how to support and help women in the company, with consideration for oneself and for others

Sport & positive psychology sessions

You have already worked on yourself, on your blockers, emotions and your mental? You are hindered by some physical sensations, for example stress, lump in the throat or in the stomach, sensation of panic? You have a tendency to overthink, analyse, criticise and a reflective approach is not a good match for you?

I suggest:

  • Sports sessions (jogging, swimming, cycling, beach volleyball) in the nature if possible depending on the weather so that you can reconnect with your body and with yourself 
  • After the sport session, a stretching session marked with positive anchors in order to work on your morale while strengthening your body
  • Mindfulness meditation sessions to learn how to put aside intrusive thoughts and manage emotions, or simply to relax and enjoy because you deserve it 🙂