Coach & consultant to close the gender gap in Tech

My approach is threefold:
1. Empower females in tech and leadership (individual and group coaching, workshops)
2. Raise awareness (articles, presentations, workshops)
3. Recommend actions and lead company transformations (consulting)

1. Empower women in tech and leadership

Coaching for women and non-binary people

  • To take a first leadership role
  • To boost your career
  • To navigate and develop career success in a male-dominated workplace

Workshops for women and non-binary people:

  • How to boost productivity thanks to your menstrual cycles
  • Negotiating a first entry salary, a raise and a promotion

2. Raise awareness

Coaching for founders, leaders, managers and directors

  • To hire a diverse workforce
  • To build an inclusive culture
  • To raise awareness within the organisation on the topic of gender-diversity and inclusion

Workshops for founders and leaders:

  • What is diversity & inclusion and why it matters
  • Strategies to make the workplace more diverse

Workshops for founders, leaders, employees, students, job-seekers:

  • Unconscious bias & privileges
  • Inclusive language and why it matters
  • Fight the imposter syndrome
  • Discover your strengths to serve your self-confidence

Workshops for men:

  • How to be(come) an effective ally for women and under-represented groups

3. To take action with consulting

We first align together on goals and objectives.

Then, we lead the company transformation with:

  • an assessment of the status quo
  • an evaluation of the data and of the processes
  • a collection of feedback from the employees
  • recommendations and consulting on strategies to adopt
  • change management
  • handover to own

The process touches upon all steps in an employee journey: job advertisement, hiring interviews, talent management and company culture.