Coach & consultant to close the gender gap in Tech

Selma Hadzic

Professional coach & consultant to help close the gender gap

My vision is to live in a world where everyone has the same chances to be professionally accomplished, independently from their gender, sexual orientation, origins, skin color, social origins, or religion, be it real or perceived.

Technology takes up a key position and is also a factor of social integration. 

However in the European Union:
– more than 50% of large companies and SMEs which recruited ICT specialists declared having difficulties to hire
– women represent only 17% of ICT specialists

In France, startups founded by women have on average 30% less chances than the ones founded by men to be funded by the main venture capital funds.

Nevertheless, startups founded or co-founded by women generate 2.5 times more gains than the ones founded by exclusively male teams, based on a BCG study.

Therefore if this pace continues, we will reach parity for startup creators:
in 2090 in France, 2067 in the United-Kingdom and in 2139 in Germany.

I wish that women claim the seats that we deserve in the field of Technology and in leadership positions.